The A.K. Rice Institute is a community of teachers, students and practitioners of a discipline known as Group Relations. Group Relations offers a powerful and unique methodology for understanding how our unconscious thoughts and feelings significantly impact our lives when we are in groups; from family to workplace to nation.

Our “technology”, based on 40 years of theory, research and practice can rapidly provide, through direct experience, dazzling insights into the complex mysteries of the human psyche as it manifests in groups. Through those insights one develops an increased capacity to effectively navigate the challenges of thriving in the modern world.

At the core of group relations work is an event know as the Group Relations Conference. This is an intensive participatory process that provides participants the opportunity to study their own behavior as it happens in real time without the distractions of everyday social niceties and workplace pressures and protocols. In this unique environment, many often hidden aspects of our ways of being and working are brought to light and more consciously considered in terms of what supports our effectiveness and what detracts from it.

Participants in our experiential conferences often report “ah ha” moments that can last for days, months or years.

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