Candidates in Training

The following trainees are Consultant Candidates within the AKRI Training & Certification Program. Each is working with a mentor, has completed preliminary work, and has submitted documentation sufficient for the Committee to judge their knowledge and experience as appropriate for advancement. They are authorized to work in AKRI-sponsored group relations conferences as Consultant Candidates.

Chen-Rennie, Catherine
Crawford-Zakian, Candice
Dwyer, Frank
Hsu, Ming Hui (Daniel)
Ireland, Mardy
Jean-Pierre, Patrick
Kolano, Megan
McIntyre, Rose
Park, Mo Sook
Pinto, Veena
Rothe, Cydny
Schweickert, Lori
Victor, Tara
Williams, Barbara


If you are a conference director and wish to contact one of these consultants please email  for contact information