Teacher’s College, Columbia University, New York

Group Relations work has a long and rich history at Teachers College, Columbia University (TC) beginning in the 1980s and continuing to the present. Currently, TC’s Social-Organizational Psychology Program sponsors three group relations conferences per year (April, July, and November) and all are open to the public to attend. Graduate students from across Columbia University enrolled in group dynamics classes are also members at our group relations conferences and attendance is typically between 50-75 participants creating a robust, diverse, lively and compelling learning community. Sarah Brazaitis, PhD, is the Faculty Director of group relations training at TC, and together with Danielle Pfaff, Graduate Assistant, is responsible for all the group relations curriculum and conference work that occurs here. All graduate students enrolled in our Social-Organizational Psychology Programs, including our MA, Executive MA, ELDP (one-year MA program for military officers), and PhD students, take courses in group and team dynamics and nearly all attend a group relations conference as part of their graduate studies. Our entire Social-Organizational Psychology curriculum is steeped in systems theory and our group courses are all informed by the group relations tradition. Additionally, we offer an executive education certificate program – Principles and Practices of Organization Development – and its core curriculum includes systems theory and group relations.
We welcome inquiries about our group relations conferences and our group dynamics coursework and programs in Social-Organizational Psychology and Organization Development. For more information please visit our website: