Multimedia, Audio and Video

We are collecting and uploading media of interest to our members and the general community. Below is a list of our current offerings. The audio files are in mp3 format. We suggest you right click in Windows or option click on Macintosh to save any file to your computer. You can use many types of players including iTunes, Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Videos about group relations conferences are available HERE.

this is an edited commentary on the history of the Institute as compiled from a meeting held in Washington in 1990.


Media from 2016 Dialogues III Back to the Future: Learning for Leadership in the 21st Century – Innovation, Adaptation and Application in Group Relations Work 

Media from 2015 Dialogues II – Authority – Is it a new Scarlet Letter? – Yours, Mine, Ours and Theirs: How did we get Here and Where do we go Now?

Media from 2013 Dialogues IThey are Us We are Them: Finding Creativity through Difference

Media from 2010 SymposiumGroup Relations in America 2010 and Beyond – Developing a Resurgency Strategy

Media from 2008 SymposiumLeadership across the Globe – Transforming Organizations & Relationships