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AKRI has produced a number of print publications for purchase, listed below. You can purchase and immediately download individual articles from our publications by clicking this link.
Additional papers and presentations developed by associates and friends of AKRI are also available.


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Edited by Arthur D. Colman and Harold Bexton, this volume contains methodology, theory, and classic contributions of Wilford Bion, A. Kenneth Rice, and Eric J. Miller, as well as more recent works by Margaret J. Rioch and other Americans.

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Edited by Arthur D. Colman and Marvin H. Geller, this volume includes work application, training models, and classic contributions of Melanie Klein, Pierre Turquet, and others while surveying more recent interdisciplinary developments worldwide.

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GROUP RELATIONS READER 3: Group Dynamics, Organizational Irrationality, and Social Complexity:

The A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems has long been a leading authority and publisher in the group relations field. Entering its Forty First Year of providing Group Relations Conferences, Training, Research and Publications, the Institute just published a new edition to the AKRI Reader Series. Group Relations Reader 3: Group Dynamics, Organizational Irrationality, and Social Complexity.

Edited by Solomon Cytrynbaum and Debra A. Noumair, this new book represents the application of current group relations thinking to contemporary groups, organizations, communities and society. The wide array of chapters provides opportunities to read about a diversity of settings – schools, hospitals, corporations, entire countries – as well as multiple roles – internal and external consultant, group therapist, trainer, action-researcher, conference member and staff.

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Digital copy only
By Charla Hayden and René Molenkamp — a revised and updated introduction to the educational model of Tavistock conferences written in easy to read language in booklet form specifically designed as introductory material for individuals and course work. It is also included as a chapter in Group Relations Reader 3.
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Transforming Self, Transforming Institutions: The Life and Leadership Lessons of Faith Gablenick

Written by Ruthellen Josselson.  Faith Gablenick, former AKRI president, was a pioneer in group relations work in the United States and a transformative leader within the educational system.  Sold through Amazon, all proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the A.K. Rice Institute after covering publishing and mailing costs.