Media from 2016 Dialogues III

AKRI Dialogues III – Back To the Future: Learning for Leadership in the 21st Century
Innovation, Adaptation and Application in Group Relations Work


Town Hall 1 – What Is Group Relations?

Town Hall 2 – What Is Group Relations Continued

Panel Discussion – Exploring Dual Relationships In Group Relations

Progress and Process: Creating the Next Generation of Group Relations Practitioners

Keynote: Learning For Change: Leadership in the 21st Century – Debra Noumair, PhD

Is there an “Ethic” Behind Raising Questions Without Answers? – Charla Hayden, MA

Hong Kong and Beijing Group Relations Conferences 2016 – Cross-cultural Learning, Impact and Implications for the Future – Seth Harkins EdD, Leigh Estabrook PhD, Suma Jacob MD, PhD, Dannielle Kennedy PhD, Ilana Litvin MA, Victoria Te Yu Moore MA

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us: Training and Certification at the nexus of Emotions about AKRI and its Future – Patricia Kummel PhD, Richard Lewis PhD, Laura Dorsey-Elson PhD, Thomas Golebiewski, PhD

Action Research From Within: An Approach to Organizational Stasis in a Psychoanalytic Institute – John Lundgren, MD, FIPA

With Memory and Desire? Inquiring Into the Unexplored Dynamics of Dual/Special Relationships in Conference and Organizational Life in the 21st Century – Katherine Zwick, MA & Seth Harkins, EdD

The Use of Language and Cultural Interpreters at Group Relations Conferences – Raymond F. Bakaitis, PhD, Daniel Kennedy, PhD & Victoria Te Yu Moore, MA

The Tavistock Learning Group: Exploration Outside the Traditional Frame – Group Relations, Abstraction and the Body – Clive Hazell, PhD & Mark Kiel, PsyD

Integrating Physical Activities into the Traditional GRC Model – Barney Straus, LCSW, CGP & Olga Konyakova, BS

Balint Group Process: An Introduction to Balint Work – Jeffrey Sternlieb, PhD & Katherine Knowlton, PhD

Going Inside Without Getting Lost – Earl Braxton PhD

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Blast from the Past: A Review of Findings from the 1990 Symposium on Women in AKRI, Kalamazoo, Michigan; How do we look in 2016? – Micki Seligson, MEd