Media from 2013 Dialogues I


AKRI Dialogues I – They are Us We are Them: Finding Creativity through Difference September 26-29, 2013

Larry Hirschhorn speaks on excitement and fear.


Phyll Zuberi:Reflections on our defenders : The All Volunteer Military and the Individual Soldier


Dannielle Kennedy, Sarah Brazaitis, Laura Dorsey-Elson, Barney Straus
Group Relations in Academia


Group Therapy for Adults with Severe Mental Illness: Adapting the Tavistock Method
Diana Semmelhack, Larry Ende, Clive Hazell, Karen Farell, Brad Czochara


Bernard Gertler & Charla Hayden: Uneasy on the Boundary: Reflections on the Culture and Effectiveness of Group Relations Conference Work in the United States 1965-2013
and Beginning at 49:21 Kenneth Eisold: A World Actually Divided

Link to see Visual Creations from the Art Room, Track 3