AKRI Publications Policy

As a part of expanding access to the group relations research and writing of our AKRI members we are now going to include a section on the akri public website that will announce member publications.

If you have a printed publication to announce email us a press release or other descriptive material and any links to external websites such as for purchase. If you have an article that you’d like to share and would like it to be downloadable please send us a pdf. Include any copyright and reprint limitations for the document if applicable.

This new subsection will complement the growing archive of audio and video documentation of the AKRI Dialogues (or future title) Presenters at the Dialogues may also submit pdf’s of any full papers presented for publication online. For reference the structure of the website under the Media heading pull down menus will be:


  • Member Publications and Current Articles (new section)
  • AKRI Publications – Group Relations Readers – books
  • Purchase and download Individual chapters from GR Readers (paid members can download these free at http://akriceinstitute.org/members/article-downloads/ (password logon required)
  • Multimedia archives from Dialogues/Symposia etc.